Tales of the other: Philip K. Dick

20 Emanuele Trevi with Sonia Bergamasco

Tales of the other: Philip K. Dick

€ 3.00
Sunday 30 May 2010 6:30 pm
piazza del Duomo 3

One of the other’s most disturbing qualities is not his difference from us - on the contrary, it is his resemblance to us. Philip K. Dick, master of illusions and supreme theologian and philosopher of science fiction, has devoted many of his stories and novels to non-human characters, such as the androids in Blade Runner, or post-human characters, as mutants. The latter are a source of terror and attraction, of repugnance and veneration, depending on the specific powers they hold. Mutants represent the ultimate metamorphosis of humans - an otherness that is all the more threatening as it springs from within the species and its evolution. Dick’s fantasy of the mutant is one of the most perfect and memorable incarnations of this fascinating threat, impossible to tame, half-way between a lethal weapon and a philosophical challenge. Readings from P.K. Dick by Sonia Bergamasco will be commented by Emanuele Trevi.




Emanuele Trevi, a writer and literary critic, has translated and curated Italian and French classics and works with the Corriere della Sera newspaper. His books include: Istruzioni per l’uso del lupo (Castelvecchi, 1994); Invasioni controllate (with Mario Trevi, Castelvecchi 2007); Il libro della gioia perpetua (Rizzoli, 2010); Qualcosa di scritto (Ponte alle Grazie, 2012); Senza verso. (2004); L’onda del porto (Laterza, 2005); Il viaggio iniziatico (Laterza, 2013); I cani del nulla (Einaudi, 2003); and Il popolo di legno (Einaudi, 2015).

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Sonia Bergamasco is an Italian stage and film actress. After obtaining diplomas in piano and acting from the School of Milan’s Piccolo Teatro, she has performed in stage productions directed by M. Castri, G. Mauri, T. Terzopoulos, C. Bene. She was in the cast of many tv and feature movies directed, among others, by S. Soldini (D’estate); G. Bertolucci (L’amore probabilmente); M. T. Giordana (La meglio gioventù); L. Cavani (De Gasperi, Einstein); F. Battiato (Musikanten, Niente è come sembra). She has directed and acted in performances dealing with one of her chief interests, the relationship between drama and music.

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