What is Pistoia Dialoghi sull'uomo

Dialogues: between speakers, different disciplines and between speakers and audiences, because dialogue is crucial for improving our understanding, awareness and comparing perspectives. This is the raison d'être underlying the Pistoia – Dialogues on Man festival, created and directed by Giulia Cogoli. Over the last ten years, the event has been galvanised by cultural and civil commitment and by the desire to involve the widest possible audience during three days of encounters, lessons, shows and readings in the historic heart of Pistoia.

This festival of cultural research into contemporary anthropology aims to offer participants new perspectives on human societies. It does this by allowing experts from different fields to compare outlooks in a discussion going beyond the boundaries between disciplines to propose entirely new observations of our world today.

Dialogues offers a new way of performing cultural analyses, novel both for the anthropological approach (it was a forerunner in adopting this method), and for the production of cultural content. Indeed, a continued commitment to offer audiences conferences, shows and unusual encounters over the years has seen the festival grow, complemented by several other initiatives: a collection of books published by UTET, a large archive of audio and video recordings, a school project that has involved approximately 25,000 students and a series of major photographic exhibitions.

Over three days, the old town centre of Pistoia will hosted a programme of encounters, discussions and readings presented in an accessible way for audiences interested in comprehensive analysis and the search for new tools and stimuli to understand the world today.

The eleventh Dialogues on Man festival, which has been cancelled due to the current health emergency, sould have explored the theme: Languages Create the World: Voices, Sounds and Signs for a New Mankind.




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