The Festival's History

Our history in numbers:

The festival began in 2010 as a project to share and investigate issues from an anthropological standpoint, with last year’s edition seeing more than 30,000 people participating. Right from the start, Dialogueshas been driven by a strong cultural and civil commitment and the desire to offer a new way to conduct cultural analysis, with fresh content and new perspectives on human society. It has been an intense journey so far, recording ever increasing interest: over the first ten editions, there were 200,000 participants (attendance has more than tripled since the first edition); 300 Italian and international speakers; 249 events, more than 3,500 volunteers and roughly 44,000 followers on social media.

Over the years, other important cultural and documentation initiatives have developed alongside the festival: the 14 books in the Dialogues on Manseries published by UTET, with 21 editions and a circulation of 80,000 copies; a huge archive of 249 audio and video recordings available on the festival’s website; a dedicated YouTube channel with more than 1.8 million views; an anthropology project for schools involving roughly 25,000 young students; the Dialogues on Man International Award, this year marking its third edition; and five exhibitions by master photographers, which complete the festival’s offer every year.

Our history of themes chosen for these ten editions:

The body that we are;
I give, therefore we are;
Away and Abroad. Travel as encounter;
Sharing the World. For an Ecology of Common Goods;
Man and His Dwellings;
Inhabiting the World;
Humanity at play. Society, culture and games;
Culture makes us human. Movements, diversity and exchanges;
Breaking the rules: creativity and change;
Coexistence: The work of intertwining lives, stories and fates;
Languages Create the World: Voices, Sounds and Signs for a New Mankind, cancelled due to the health emergency.

Our speakers narrate our history

You recount our history


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