Common goods: “rational folly”

1 Stefano Rodotà

Common goods: “rational folly”

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Friday 23 May 2014 5:30 pm
piazza del Duomo 3

Why has the “rational folly of common goods” spread throughout the world, inspired numerous social actions and once again called into question established political and legal practices? There is growing awareness of the fact that we must look beyond current models of private and public property, beyond markets and nation-states, to create new conditions to give people access to those goods that are crucial to rendering their rights concrete. Water and knowledge are clear examples of this approach, which also implies all interested parties participating in their definition and management. This is the general description of a new relationship between people and goods.




Stefano Rodotà is professor emeritus of Civil Law at the University of Rome. A former president of the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority, he was one of the authors of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. Rodotà presided over the EU Coordination Group of Trustees for the right to privacy and is a member of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies and the Legal Advisory Board for Market Information of the European Commission. A columnist for the newspaper La Repubblica, his published works include Il terribile diritto (1990), Tecnologie e diritti (1995), Libertà e diritti in Italia (1997), La vita e le regole (2006), Repertorio di fine secolo (1999), Tecnopolitica (2004), Intervista su privacy e libertà (2005), Perché laico (2009), Elogio del moralismo (2011), Il diritto di avere diritti (2012), Iperdemocrazia (2013) and Il mondo nella rete. Quali i diritti, quali i vincoli (2014).

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