Identity and the impoverishment of culture

10 Francesco Remotti

Identity and the impoverishment of culture

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Saturday 29 May 2010 18.00
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What is identity today, if not a myth? Is there anyone today who does not use identity to define his own position, even to assert his own destiny? Identity is a vocal plea for recognition that fails to take into account the wealth and vitality of relationships with others, and drastically reduces all relationships with others to those with the stranger (who one needs to differentiate an defend himself from), and with the enemy (who should be rejected, fought, and even eliminated).
Thus identity is, for Remotti, a factor and a sign of cultural impoverishment - perhaps a more up-to-date, seducing and acceptable (hence a subtler and more devious) form of racism.




Francesco Remotti, emeritus Professor of Cultural Anthropology, member of the Academy of Sciences in Turin and the Accademia dei Lincei, has carried out ethnographical and historical research among the Banande people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has developed theories on the concept of identity and on anthropopoiesis. His publications include: Contro l’identità (1996); Contro natura (2008); L’ossessione identitaria (2010); Cultura (2011); Fare umanità. I drammi dell’antropo-poiesi (2013); and Somiglianze. Una via per la convivenza (2019) with Laterza.


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