Ascanio Celestini is an author, actor, musician and director. His texts are linked to his research on the ground and explore the memory of events linked to recent history and the collective imagination. His best-known theatre pieces (also shown abroad) are: Radio clandestina (2000); Scemo di guerra (2003); La pecora nera (2005); La fila indiana (2009); Pro patria (2011); Discorsi alla nazione (2013); Laika (2015); and Pueblo (2017). As an author, director and actor, he made the films La pecora nera (2010), Long Live the Bride (2015) and the documentary Parole sante (2007). He has won many awards, for example: the Ubu Prize, Flaiano Prize, Dessì Prize, Fiesole Prize and a Ciak d’Oro. As a writer, his books include: Storie di uno scemo di guerra (2005); La pecora nera (2006); Lotta di classe (2009); Io cammino in fila indiana (2011); Pro patria (2012) with Einaudi and L’armata dei senza tetto (with G. Albanese, Contrasto, 2018).

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