Marco Paolini is an author, actor and director. From the 1970s he belonged to a number of theatre groups, developing “Albums”, the initial episodes of a long collective biography of Italian history. Well known for his Il racconto del Vajont, he stands out as an author and a performer who tells stories with a profound social impact (I-TIGI. Racconto per Ustica, Parlamento chimico, Il Sergente, Bhopal 2 dic. ’84, U-238, and Miserabili. Io e Margaret Thatcher) and for his ability to describe the changes in society using dialects and poetry, presented in the Bestiari cycle. A craftsman, keeping the art of telling stories alive, he excels at bringing this craft to the wider public with memorable live television broadcasts (ITIS Galileo e Ausmerzen. Vite indegne di essere vissute). After Ballata di uomini e cani. Dedicata a Jack London, in 2016 he debuted Hamlet in Jerusalem with young actors from the Palestinian National Theatre and produced a new Album, Numero primo, about technology.

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