John Eskenazi is one of the most highly regarded scholars of South Asian religious art. In the early 1990s, he opened a gallery in London specialising in Indian sculptures from Gandhara, the Himalayas and South-East Asia, contributing to the establishment of important private collections and providing works to over forty museums all over the world.

He has published many essays and curated exhibitions in his galley and for museums worldwide. The most recent examples include: in 2004 Hunt for Paradise: Court Arts of Safavid Iran (Asia Society di New York); A caccia in Paradiso. Arte di corte nella Persia del Cinquecento (Museo Poldi Pezzoli and Palazzo Reale, Milan); in 2006 Chola: Sacred Bronzes of Southern India (Royal Academy of London); in 2012, the oriental section of Bronze (London Royal Academy). He has performed in depth studies of the different influences on Gandhara art, which were not just Hellenic but also linked to the Silk Route and middle-eastern civilisations.

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