Guido Tonelli (1950) is a physicist at CERN in Geneva, professor of General Physics at the University of Pisa and INFN associate researcher. He was one of the protagonists in the discovery of the Higgs boson. After working on research projects in Europe and the United States, he worked on the CMS experiment at CERN, heading collaboration during the crucial phases in the hunt for the most elusive particle in the history of physics. His contribution to this important result won him several prizes and international awards. The most prestigious include the Special Prize for Fundamental Physics, the 2013 Enrico Fermi Award and the Medal of Honour awarded by Italy’s President of the Republic. His books published by Rizzoli include La nascita imperfetta delle cose. La grande corsa alla particella di Dio e la nuova fisica che cambierà il mondo (2016) and Cercare mondi. Esplorazioni avventurose ai confini dell’universo (2017).

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