After studying acting at the school of the Teatro di Genova, actor-director Giorgio Scaramuzzino joined the newly formed Compagnia dell'Archivolto (directed by Giorgio Gallione) in 1986, where he now works in its School and Education Department. Besides directing and acting, he also teaches group theatre courses at the University of Genoa, for teachers, educators and librarians. His numerous published works include texts on theatre education and children’s stories. He edited and wrote the preface to Gianni Rodari’s Libri d’oggi per ragazzi d’oggi (2000). Authors who most inspire his theatre work include Gianni Rodari, Stefano Benni, Ian Mc Ewan and Daniel Pennac, whose Reads Like a Novel he successfully adapted for the stage. He has also written plays featuring the character Pimpa, in collaboration with Francesco Tullio Altan.

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