Folco Quilici, traveller, writer, director, is the most famous Italian story-teller about foreign countries and people. His books and his movies won several awards, like Sesto continente and Fratello mare. He directed the column GEO on air on RAI3. He wrote for Life, Epoca, Panorama, Europeo, La Stampa, il Corriere della Sera and Il Messaggero. He won the Premio Italia for journalism (1969), the Premio Giornalistico Europeo (1990) and the Premio Campidoglio for his career in cultural journalism (1997). He was professor at the University of Bologna, of Berlin, at the Cinema Centre of the Catholic University of Milan. In 2006 Forbes included him in the 100 most influential people of the world thanks to his movies and to his books about the environment. His writings include: La fenice del Bajkal (2005), Sì, viaggiare (with C. Ruggeri, 2006), I miei mari (2007), Libeccio (2008), Terre d’avventura (2009), Storie del mare (2011), La dogana del vento (2011), Amico oceano (2012), Relitti e tesori (2012) published by Mondadori.

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