Edition 2020 will take place only online, due to the current health emergency

Due to the current health emergency Pistoia Dialogues on Man 2020 will take place online.

Pistoia – Dialogues on Manis the festival of contemporary anthropology - promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and the Municipality of Pistoia, created and directed by Giulia Cogoli.
This festival offers a new way of performing cultural analyses, novel both for the anthropological approach (it was a forerunner in adopting this method), and for the production of cultural content. Indeed, a continued commitment to offer audiences conferences, shows and unusual encounters over the years has seen the festival grow, complemented by several other initiatives.

The festival began in 2010 as a project to share and investigate issues from an anthropological standpoint, with last year’s edition seeing more than 30,000 people participating. Right from the start, Dialogues has been driven by a strong cultural and civil commitment and the desire to offer a new way to conduct cultural analysis, with fresh content and new perspectives on human society. It has been an intense journey so far, recording ever increasing interest: over the first nine editions, there were 200,000 participants (attendance has more than tripled since the first edition); 300 Italian and international speakers; 249 events, more than 3,500 volunteers and roughly 44,000 followers on social media.

Over the years, other important cultural and documentation initiatives have developed alongside the festival: the 15 books in the Dialogues on Man series published by UTET, with 21 editions and a circulation of 80,000 copies; a huge archive of 252 audio and video recordings available on the festival’s website; a dedicated YouTube channel with more than one million views; an anthropology project for schools involving roughly 25,000 young students; the Dialogues on Man International Award, this year marking its fourth edition; and seven exhibitions by master photographers, which complete the festival’s offer every year.

“Eleven years ago, creating a festival of contemporary anthropology seemed extremely innovative”, recalled Giulia Cogoli, “But the world is changing before our very eyes and as such, trying to understand the reality surrounding us today from the anthropological perspective is perhaps one of the most useful things to propose. Because it means rekindling interest in other people, in other cultures, where the connection is not merely in terms of respect and dialogue but also the awareness that we are all in the same boat, on a journey through humanity, freed from the dead wood of racism and indifference that weigh so heavily on daily life”.

Cultures are always work in progress, constantly evolving, and cultural exchanges are the rule, not the exception. The festival believes that culture makes us better human beings.

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