A French sociologist of international renown, Alain Caillé teaches sociology at the Université Paris X Nanterre. He and Serge Latouche are among the founders and leading figures of the MAUSS movement, whose journal La Revue du MAUSS he founded and edits. In 1989 he published the movement’s manifesto, maintaining that an alternative must be found to the reigning utilitarian paradigm in the social sciences. He has published essays on the importance of the gift economy for the development of human society and collaborated with Jacques Godbout on The World of the Gift (1998), L’Esprit du don (2000), and Il terzo paradigma: antropologia filosofica del dono (1998). His publications include: Splendeurs et misères des sciences sociales (1986), Critique de la raison utilitaire (1991), Critica dell’uomo economico (2009), Pour un manifeste du convivialisme (2013) and the Convivialist Manifesto (May 2014).

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