Truth and reconciliation

5 Moni Ovadia

Truth and reconciliation

€ 7.00
Friday 28 May 2010 9:30 pm
teatro Manzoni 4

President Mandela of South Africa, says Moni Ovadia, should be declared the greatest statesman of the 20th century for his insight that ethics should become politics if we are to grant mankind a future of peace and justice. In this performance, Ovadia shows how the horizon illuminated by Mandela invites all peoples to go down that path. Also, he recalls the crimes and atrocities of the 20th century calling both victims and perpetrators to overcome them responsibly. Readings, poetic fragments, music and singing combine in a performance inspired by the idea that accepting responsibility may rekindle hope. The soundtrack of this ‘journey’ is music by the Roma people, who are still brutally victimized in our time without ever seeing their suffering recognized.



Moni Ovadia, a writer and performer, was born in Bulgaria and studied in Milan, where he began his activity as a musician and singer. In 1984 he began his stage career under the direction of T. Kantor, F. Parenti, G. Marini. From 2004 to 2008 he was Director of the Mittelfest festival. Well known for his long-standing commitment in favor of peace and human rights, Moni Ovadia has authored a number of books: L’ebreo che ride (1998); Ballata di fine millennio (2000); Contro l’idolatria e Oylem Goylem (2005); Lavoratori di tutto il mondo, ridete (2007); Vai a te stesso (2008); Il conto dell’Ultima Cena (2010); Madre Dignità (2012) per Einaudi; Il coniglio di Hitler e il cilindro del demagogo (2016); Perchè no? L’ebreo corrosivo (2017) per La nave di Teseo. He is credited with familiarizing the Italian audience with the uniqueness of Yiddish culture.

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