The never-ending struggle between truth and falsehood

11 Luciano Canfora

The never-ending struggle between truth and falsehood

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Saturday 29 May 2010 6:30 pm
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Defining the truth of a historical event, of a document, or of a writing raises the sensitive, eternal problem of the relationship between true and false, the open and the hidden, and this is as true today as in the recent or distant past. Lies become established and they generate false truths as these are often more creative and attractive than truth itself. So the profession of philologist -the profession of Luciano Canfora, who has been investigating for years the issue of false history-becomes similar to that of a detective who scrupulously seeks clues that may help him identify the forgers in order to cast light onto the motives behind historic lies, often accepted as truths. With Luciano Canfora, the work of the historian becomes a symbol of intellectual freedom, of the independence of research, and of people’s right to truth against all forms of denial.



Luciano Canfora is Professor of Greek and Latin Philology at Bari University. He often contributes to the news daily Corriere della Sera. He has studied problems of ancient history, of Greek and Latin literature, of history of traditions, history of classical studies, politics and culture of the 20th century. He edits the journal Quaderni di Storia and is a member of the steering committee of three more journals: Historia y critica, the Journal of Classical Tradition, and Limes. His books have been translated into many languages. Following are some of them: La biblioteca scomparsa (Sellerio 1986); Giulio Cesare: il dittatore democratico (Laterza 1999); Il Mistero Tucidide (Adelphi 1999); Noi e gli antichi (Rizzoli, 2004); Esportare la libertà. Il mito che ha fallito (Mondadori, 2008); Il papiro di Artemidoro (Laterza, 2008); La storia falsa (Rizzoli, 2008); La natura del potere( Laterza, 2009); I viaggi di Artemidoro. Vita e avventure di un grande esploratore dell’antichità (Rizzoli, 2010); L’uso politico dei paradigmi storici (Laterza, 2010).

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