Cross-breeding, multiculturalism, connections

18 Jean-Loup Amselle

Cross-breeding, multiculturalism, connections

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Sunday 30 May 2010 3:30 pm
piazza dello Spirito Santo 1

Jean-Loup Amselle, one of Europe’s leading anthropologists, has developed an innovative theory of ancestral cross-breeding which has upturned the notion that separate ethnic groups existed at the origins of mankind. In Prof. Amselle’s theory, the different ethnicities we currently speak about are a construct created by scholars or colonists. More recently, Prof. Amselle introduced a new idea of identity, based upon the metaphor of connections as understood in ICTs, to explain how communities build local identities by connecting to global meanings and values but then go back to the local dimension. Hence a paradox: cultural globalization produces an increasing number of localisms.



Jean-Loup Amselle (born in 1942) is an anthropologist and Directeur d'études at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He is an associate member of the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie et d’Histoire de l’Institution de la Culture (LAHIC). His fields of research include ethnicity, identity, mixed races, contemporary African art, multiculturalism and post-colonialism. He is Deputy Editor of the Cahiers d’études africaines and author of a number of publications and essays in several languages. His Italian works include Logiche meticce. Antropologia dell’identità in Africa e altrove (1999), Connessioni. Antropologia dell’universalità delle culture (2001), L’arte africana contemporanea (2007) and Contro il primitivismo (2012) for publishers Bollati Boringhieri; L’invenzione dell’etnia (with Elikia M’Bokolo, 2008), Il distacco dall’Occidente (2009) and Il museo in scena (2017) published by Meltemi.

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