The Festival's History

Our history in numbers:

Nine editions,167,000 participants, 250 speakers, 249 events, more than 3000 volunteers, 20,000 students involved in the preparatory meetings, about 30.000 social media followers, 1 dedicated YouTube channel, 250 audio and video recordings freely available, 12 books in the Dialogues on Man collection (UTET) with 17 editions and a print-run of 60,000 copies, 5 photo exhibitions.

Our history of themes chosen for these nine editions:

The body that we are;
I give, therefore we are;
Away and Abroad. Travel as encounter;
Sharing the World. For an Ecology of Common Goods;
Man and His Dwellings;
Inhabiting the World;
Humanity at play. Society, culture and games;
Culture makes us human. Movements, diversity and exchanges;
Breaking the rules: creativity and change
Coexistence: The work of intertwining lives, stories and fates, 2019

Our speakers narrate our history

You recount our history


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